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At the leading edge of the international recruitment industry is KLB! A reliable recruitment consultancy based in Surrey, with a broad network and global reach in both the construction, and software industries. Established in 2017, the business has since built a reputation of being able to consistently introduce expert candidates on behalf of our client base.


KLB’s management team has industry experience and a strong network within these specialist sectors. We ensure that we have a detailed understanding of our client's objectives, the solution that they provide, and their culture. We only introduce candidates who have been qualified during our interview process, and who accurately meet the brief. 


We emphasise the personal aspect of recruitment, taking the time to get to know candidates personally, before suggesting and facilitating roles that we think will be appropriate. Our service is flexible, depending on the needs of client and candidate – we can make introductions and then step back or be more intimately involved throughout the process including the negotiation phase.


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Whether you’re looking for new staff or a new role in the construction consultancy or software industries, we’ll be able to source what you need.  

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How it works:

At KLB, we understand that the world is becoming more and more global. While we are a recruitment agency in Banstead, London, we fully embrace the global aspect of the industry and understand that, depending on the role required, the right candidate can come from anywhere. We have successfully placed candidates in: do the work.

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • South Africa
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Middle East (UAE, KUW, KSA, QAT)

To name but a few.

When bringing together clients and candidates, we ensure that we take both the technical and cultural aspects of recruitment into consideration. We look beyond a CV, at the person presenting it, before making any judgements on candidate suitability.

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Areas of Expertise

Our broad network extends across seas and continents, while our industry expertise is actually quite niche. We focus primarily on the construction consultancy and software sectors, sourcing expert technicians and matching them with suitable companies worldwide. At KLB, we take a bespoke, personal approach, ensuring that the right people end up in the right roles. Click below to read more about our experience and what makes us the right agency to find the staff you need.


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 Our Values

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Whether you’re a client looking for staff or a candidate looking for a new role, our service ensures that personality and culture are taken into account when we bring people together.

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Recruitment is a global industry and we’re glad to be at the forefront of engagement across the planet. From the UK, to Mexico, to South Africa and beyond, we are a truly global enterprise.

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Our service is designed to be flexible and compatible with a variety of sectors and, more importantly, a variety of people. However you like to work, we adapt to best serve your needs.