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When it comes to connecting people with their dream job, we know that there’s so much more to consider than an on-paper skillset. Our approach involves assessing personal and cultural compatibility, as well as carefully considering employer expectations and candidate aspirations. You can be sure that when we recommend you to a client, we’ll do so having taken your needs and desires into account, as well as the skills that you possess. We are a global recruitment company with small town origins, and we know how to marry the professional and the personal together, resulting in fulfilling placements and reciprocal relationships that last.







A Global Network, Personal Attention

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The Process

We understand, at KLB Recruitment, that everyone is different. That’s why we take great pride in the flexible manner with which we approach our industry. We take more than a quick glance at your CV – this recruitment company in Banstead takes the time to get to know you personally before connecting you with likeminded employers. Here’s how we tend to go about things.



 Recruitment company in London and UK,  illustration of of people shaking hands.

1. Introductions

Whether you’ve found us or we’ve found you, we’ll be sure to connect, get to know you and introduce opportunities for which we think you’ll be well-suited. Our broad network stretches internationally, so you can be sure that we’ll have the right client to match your skills and personality.


2. Interview

We’ll conduct a thorough interview before putting you forward for any opportunities. We want to ensure that we know you personally, as well as professionally, so that when we do put you forward, we do so in the confidence that you’re right for the role. We’re immensely proud of our success rate.

 Recruitment company in London and UK,  illustration of two people doing an interview.



 Recruitment company in London and UK,  illustration of people shaking hands.

3. Client Introductions

When an opportunity presents itself, if you’re a good fit, we’ll introduce you to the relevant client. They’ll look over your details and, if appropriate, arrange an interview with you. With flexibility at the core of the ethos of this recruitment company in Banstead, we can guide and advise you throughout this process


4. Preparation

Before your interview, we are fully available to you in a preparatory capacity. We’ll help you ready yourself for the interview and present yourself in the most appropriate way. Remember that the legwork has already been done on our end and we won’t put you forward for anything we don’t believe you are suitable for.

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5. The Offer Stage

If the interview goes well, we’ll be involved throughout the offer stage as well, ensuring that all paperwork is in order and that all contractual stipulations are agreeable to both client and candidate.








“I first met Lloyd working in Telecom sales, where he was an intelligent and thoughtful new business manager. His success in that field has been transferred to the world of recruitment and selection.

KLB contacted me to discuss an exciting opportunity in conversational commerce. They reviewed both the requirements of the business and the candidate to ensure a good fit (and high likelihood of success) for both parties. This ensured a swift process and a smooth on-boarding.

KLB is excellent at connecting people, and is clearly an expert in the conversational commerce market”




Adrian Churchett, Partner Manager (










“I had a very positive experience finding a new role with KLB. Lloyd was polite, kept the ball moving and made me feel at ease during the whole process. I'd definitely work with him again as a candidate or a client."




Emily Jane Brown, Marketing Manager (











"KLB contacted me with a role early in the Covid pandemic. Lloyd was very calm and didn't rush his explanation of who the company was and what the role entailed. He listened intently to what I was looking for to make sure we were aligned. I truly believe this is why he recommended the opportunity to me and I can only imagine the same with the hiring manager. With this approach, it's no surprise to me I'm now with a company I share the same values of in a role I'm where I'm excited to go to work"






Tim Cummins, Technical Consultant (