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With a reputation for exceptional service and a global network, KLB provides the highest-quality service. We work internationally, with clients from around the world, ensuring that we find the right candidates for any role that we decide to accept. Our expertise lies in the construction and software industries, wherein our industry knowledge and professional approach renders excellent results. We also understand that recruitment isn’t just a technical enterprise – it’s personal. Candidate and client must be able to meet each other’s expectations to ensure that the placement is right, with the relationship long-lasting and fruitful.

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Talent Solutions for Your Business

Perhaps there are time pressures associated with a particular hire, or your team is significantly under-resourced, maybe the requirement itself is highly specialised. Regardless of the circumstances, if you have a role that you are seeking to fill, KLB can source the talent. 


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The Process

We pride ourselves on the flexible service that we can offer our clients. With that said, KLB has a proven formula for successfully sourcing the perfect new member of your team.



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1. Research

We ensure that we have the strongest data foundations laid before we start contacting potential candidates. Tell us about your company culture, your management style, your offering, your competitors, the objectives for the role, career progression prospects, and any other salient details. We’ll undertake heavy research to ensure that we know exactly what you need.


2. Candidate Discovery

Based on what you’ve told us and what we’ve discovered, we’ll delve into our broad, global network. We’ll source a variety of candidates that we think will suit the role, from both a technical and a cultural perspective. We want to make as relevant connections as possible.

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3. Candidate Presentation

Once we’ve identified some exceptional candidates that we think are suitable, we’ll present them to you for review. KLB will then liaise with you for feedback and agree the next steps, keeping the candidate updated and engaged throughout.


4. The Offer Stage

With our flexible service, we can be as involved or detached as you like while presenting and negotiating offers between yourself and the candidate. With our service we can offer useful guidance and advice, accurately managing expectations throughout, or leave the two parties to it.

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 Notable Clients


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“Systech has partnered with KLB for a number of years and during this time the businesses have built a trusting and successful relationship. Systech is a fast-paced construction consultancy with highly specialised recruitment needs. The KLB team is reliable and responsive, and has consistently delivered strong results for us around the globe”



Karen Vinten-Hughes, Group Finance Director







“ recognise the integral role that recruitment will play in achieving our ambitious targets for this market. At CM we are looking to onboard specialist, highly skilled professionals that are passionate about the industry and that want to contribute to our success.

KLB understands the business outcomes that CM is looking to achieve as well as the ethos of the company. They apply the requisite knowledge of the market, introducing talented candidates that are in line with our specific requirements, and that can give CM an edge over the competition”



James Matthews, UK & Ireland Country Manager (